Fields of work
  • Irrigation Department:
  • Electro mechanical and Civil works for irrigation pumping stations Designing of gates, weed screen, guard screen and cranes.
    “We do everything possible to ensure that our service exceed our customer expectations. Understanding costumers’ need is our main target.”

  • Water Department:
  • Whether you supply drinking water from desalination plants, or run pumping stations for the smooth transport of water.
    “We got the answers to your questions as reliable systems suppliers we can offer you professional and competent advice. Our customers know they can rely on our high quality,innovative solutions.”

  • Waste water Department:
  • The global demand for waste water treatment is growing just as steadily as the need for environmental protection. For this reason our employees are committed to ensure maximum service quality.
    “As a leading company in the water and waste water sector Comet is aware of its responsibility towards our fellow beings and their resources.”

  • Building & Industrial Department:
  • Building Section:
    Drainage,heating,air conditioning,water supply,pressure boosting,control the choice is yours.Whatever your building services need,our high‐tech pumps and valves will meet your expectations.Every product is packed by the wealth of skills KSB puts into Intelligent all‐round systems.And you benefit from our comprehensive advice and first class service.

    Industrial Section:
    Extreme temperature,high pressures,aggressive and corrosive fluids.Our products handle even the toughest conditions with top reliability.

  • Valve’s Department:
  • Our Valve’s Department offers a wide range of valves for many sectors like:(Power generation, waste water treatment, water supply & Irrigation) as well as general industry.


COMET has signed a memo of understanding to declare the establishment of the Libyan Arab Contractors CO.
Congratulations to the Water Dep. for having a new order from Alex Water Co. with value of 10,240,000 L.E
Stock of KSB Pumps are available in our stores in Cairo
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